Terms and Conditions


1. You, the Renter, affirm that you are of legal standing to enter into this agreement.

2. Textbook(s) rented from The WKU Store are the property of The WKU Store and remain property of The
    WKU Store throughout the term of your rental. At no time during the rental period do you obtain
    ownership of the textbook(s).

3. You agree to return all rented textbook(s) to The WKU Store by the close of business on the Saturday
    following Finals Week for the Academic Term listed on your receipt.

    PLEASE NOTE: All rental book returns will be at students' own cost. Please include WKU Student's ID
    number in order to assign the return to the correct student and ensure no extra fees. The WKU Store
    requests that students return their rentals in a way which the package can be tracked. Books returned
    without a WKU ID will be reshelved and processed as unreturned.

    Click here to download the textbook rental return form.

    Please mail all rental returns to:
    ATTN: Rental Returns
    The WKU Store
    1906 College Heights Blvd #11042
    Bowling Green, KY 42101-1042

4. You agree to authorize The WKU Store to invoice your University Account and/or to provide The WKU
    Store with credit card information as guaranty against your rental(s). Credit card information provided by
    you will be held secure by The WKU Store as a deposit against any non-return or damage fees that may
    become due.

5. All rented textbooks must be returned in acceptable re-saleable condition, as judged by the staff of The
    WKU Store. Any loss or damage to textbooks rented under this agreement are solely your responsibility.

6. Should, for any reason, your rented textbook(s) not be returned to The WKU Store by the due date, or
    if your rented textbook(s) are returned in damaged or otherwise un-saleable condition, you hereby
    authorize The WKU Store to invoice your University Account and/or to charge the credit card provided
    as guaranty late fees and/or an amount equal to the replacement price listed on your receipt at the time
    of rental.

7. If applicable, you agree to keep the credit card provided as guaranty for this agreement in good
    standing (i.e. not cancelled or with a balance below the purchasing limits of the card) until the
    textbooks have been returned or until The WKU Store has collected the non-return or damage charges
    as described above.

8. The WKU Store's standard refund policies apply to rental fees. Rentals kept beyond the term's final
    refund date (as posted by the store) are non-refundable.

9. An accepted photo identification, either a valid driver's license or a Western Kentucky University Student
    ID, and authorization to invoice your University Account and/or charge an accepted credit card are
    required to rent.

10. You, the renter, agree to up to three (3) text message reminders regarding your rental return.
also agree that not receiving a text message does not relieve you of your obligation to return your
    rental book(s).