Diploma Frames/Caps/Gowns

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2019 Graduation Tassel
Price: $4.99
Decorative Cupola Stole
Price: $29.99
Doctoral Frame
Price: $189.99
Hand-Woven Kente Stole
Price: $49.99
Jostens Cherry Hall Classic Mahogany Diploma Frame
Price: $229.99
Jostens Double Opening Diploma Frame
Price: $219.99
Jostens Silver Engraved Onyx Diploma Frame
Price: $169.99
Scholar Frame with Gold Foil WKU Seal
Price: $109.99
U.S. Army Stole
Price: $29.99
U.S. Veteran Stole
Price: $29.99
WKU Cap and Gown (Bachelor or Master's)
Price: $0.01